Tuesday, 8 November 2011

No One Likes A Topical Bugger.

It's not a review, I'm breaking the pattern.
It's a pre-review... but not a preview.

It's just 15 days until I get to see Frank Turner. Live.

- Which I will then review.
Maybe. I'm obviously not the most consistent blogger.

But 15 days until I see Him play. This is exciting.
My friend went earlier this year to a show in Bath, and was close enough to feel the spit (she says this was good, and was almost reluctant to wash her face) so now we're braving our better sense and turning up to the gig hours early to queue and feel the spit again. And yes - this is braving, as the gig is in Newport.
I'm not anti-Newportians or anything, just pretty scared of the town centre after wandering around before a gig in March this year. Then, too, we sat on a street corner for 5 hours for All Time Low and that was painful and chilly but we were buzzin' and added to the experience.

Didn't make Newport much better, though.

Either way, it's just 15 days.
Hell yeah.

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